Receiving a Fair Settlement for a Bodily Injury Claim

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If negligence, carelessness or recklessness by another individual has caused you bodily injury, you are likely entitled to file an insurance claim to receive monetary compensation. However, your efforts alone will determine whether you receive a fair settlement from the insurance carrier or not. The way you handle your injuries and prove your claim will have a substantial influence on the amount of money offered in an out-of-court settlement from the responsible party’s insurance coverage.

Many individuals file a claim for bodily injury when involved in a vehicle accident, slip and fall incident, injury on the job, construction site accident, or other incident. However, it is often the way that the claims adjuster working for the insurance company evaluates your claim that will determine the amount of money you receive.

Seek Medical Care

If you are suffering injuries caused by another, it is imperative to seek medical care. If your injuries are serious, it is best to visit the emergency room right away. You need to show concern about your well-being and safety. Having a doctor evaluate your medical condition after the accident will prove to the claims adjuster the severity of the injuries caused by the policyholder who caused the accident.

Follow Your Health Recovery Plan

In all likelihood, the doctor you saw immediately after the accident developed a recovery plan to ensure you receive adequate care during the healing process. If the physician recommended physical therapy, rehabilitation or chiropractic care, it is necessary to go to your appointment. Any lack of concern you display about your health is usually a flag to the insurance company that your injuries are not serious. Never wait months before seeking treatment to heal.

Hire a Skilled Attorney

It is imperative to seek proper legal representation immediately after the incident. Having a competent injury attorney who handles every aspect of your case will help you avoid settling for an amount less than the value of your claim. Statistics indicate that insurance companies often settle a claim for a much larger amount anytime a skilled lawyer is involved.

A reputable attorney who specializes in bodily injury claims and lawsuits can provide proper legal counsel, file all necessary paperwork, and negotiate for the best settlement amount. In the event of a negotiation breakdown, the lawyer can file a lawsuit, hire expert witnesses and take your claim to court to be heard in front of a judge and jury.

As a part of the services provided by the attorney, the law firm will look at every aspect of the case to determine if there are additional parties responsible for your accident. As an example, another driver might it hit you because of poorly maintained roads, faulty tires, or actions of a third motorist driving recklessly on the road. A simple claim filed against one responsible party might turn into a major lawsuit with multiple defendants all held financially responsible to provide you recompense.

Building a Case

By evaluating evidence, eyewitness accounts, legal documents and medical records, your skilled attorney will be able to determine the actual worth of your personal injury case. The lawyer will seek compensation to cover a variety of expenses, damages and losses including:

• Funds to cover your medical treatment including hospitalization, physical therapy, rehabilitation, x-rays and additional surgeries
• Money to recoup lost income from missed work, and the loss of your earning capacity during your healing process
• Recompense for property loss, if your vehicle, clothing or other personal items were damaged in the accident
• Compensation for intangible damages such as pain and suffering, or the serious discomfort you feel in the aftermath of your accident while you heal

In some cases, the attorney will seek punitive damages, when the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of another individual or entity causing your accident was outrageous or egregious. Punitive damages are sometimes offered by the court as a way to minimize the potential of the responsible party committing the same negligence to another victim. By following the above guideline, you can take the necessary steps to ensure you receive a fair settlement for your bodily injury claim.